IcoStory: thematic pictograms

After the families like Innovicons and Liconica were elaborated, we came up with the idea that we needed to create a family of pictograms. 

A pictogram is a small graphic symbol at the first look of which you should understand its meaning, and that makes the creation of it quite a challenging task. And the style should also be consistent throughout the collection used on one source.


The work started with thinking over the themes, and it was especially important as the metaphors needed to be clear and readable. The first sets included departments, stores, and medical services.

We have many sets that were aimed to serve as wayfinding: city infrastructure, railway station guide, zoo, airport, hotel, and school sets. 


3d printing and VR sets. 

IcoStory pictograms are minimalistic, and that’s why they perfectly fit in the small size. But as we were creating them with love and attention to detail, they won’t lose their quality when enlarged.

They have simple forms and recognizable silhouettes, they can be a great solution for websites or apps, but you can experiment and use them as stickers for a package, for example. ⠀


We can say that it’s not that easy to create a laconic and interesting image using only several lines and dots, but we managed to do that.

We frequently create theme-based collections so that it helps when a customer needs a certain pack for a certain project. Thus, we released four IcoStory bundles apart from main big ones: ⠀

  • food;
  • blog;
  • education;
  • medicine.

Later it was decided that it would be nice to have a colored version as well: we added color filling and released ‘IcoStory’ color bundle. The pictograms are red, but user-friendly formats allow you to change the color easily.

However, the family is still being developed. We have drawn many new sets – for example, a prehistoric set 

and dinosaurs.

Apart from them, there are sets dedicated to countries and their cultures, ecology, senior people, holidays, and more. 


Now Icostory includes more than 2500 icons, and it still helps people visualize their services. 



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