Innovicons’ History

In our portfolio, we have many icon families, and each of them has its own unique story.  

This post is dedicated to the family which is special for us – the collection of Innovicons.

We came up with the idea of creating Innovicons at the end of summer’2015. The first icons were released in autumn that year.

The style was found at once. We decided straight away that there would be lines and shapes. When we started drawing the icons, it became immediately clear which proportions of a line would fit relative to the total mass of the icons.

The first sets of icons had one accent color of one shade (for example, yellow). Then we came upon 2 accent colors: blue and red.

We often start our series of icons with general themes. We chose finances for Innovicons.

We made about 20 starting icon sets and began tracking how much customers liked them. We started selling it both “by retail” and as a bundle. The first sets were finances, business, education, family, law, work, etc.

When we understood that the collection became popular, we kept on drawing it. This was in about a year since we opened the onsite office. The next sets were books and ecology. And the collection kept on living.

We regularly develop our collection and now the customers have access to constant updates.

Innovicons include absolutely different themes, and we also made separate bundles. For example, programming, psychology, hobbies, medicine, and more.

Now the number of its icons comes close to 2 000. Besides the colorful version, we also develop Innovicons without color accents, monochrome ones.

We may say that this collection is a sort of brand identity of our studio. It has all the best that we offer our customers: cool quality, product support, updates, and friendly prices.

Also we prepared a short video about our Innovicons collection:

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