Creating characters for illustrations is a complicated process that involves a lot of skills because a character should work for the main idea and express certain emotions. 



Every series of illustrations you see in our portfolio is special for us as we develop the main concept, discuss the themes, think over each composition carefully until it starts its own journey.



The Vitality series’ concept is wellbeing, healthcare, and diversity. The family began with the bundle dedicated to women, body positivity, and self-acceptance. 



For this bundle we created various characters of different age, ethnicities, and body types.



Then we moved forward with the idea of self-care and acceptance and made the bundle in which we focused on beauty procedures, hygiene, relaxation. 



Here we added male characters as well. 



Of course, it is impossible to ignore modern times and its challenges, that’s why we included illustrations on the theme of pandemic which had been occupying our minds back then. Here we not only illustrated preventive measures and symptoms of the virus, but also made compositions about vaccination and post-pandemic times, anxiety, and remote working.



 As this style appeared to be perfect for socially important themes, we made illustrations on ecological themes as well. 



Environmental protection has always been one of the main topics of our work, and the Vitality style with its unusual characters and bright colors helped us to show eco activism; recycling; air and water pollution. 



The bundle also contains compositions with people being in harmony with nature, and that can be used as an inspiration for all of us. 




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