Beauty of Tara

Nature is a great source of inspiration: both for life and for work. The whole time our studio has been making a lot of landscapes, travel illustrations, eco villages and views, and we keep on returning to this topic. We are thrilled by the idea that nature and wildlife should be promoted just as much as man-made objects so that more people can be inspired to spend their vacations/weekends in nature. 

This project is dedicated to one of the most beautiful corners of Serbia, National Park Tara. It is located in Western Serbia, close to the border with Bosnia-Hercegovina. According to one of the legends, Mount Tara got its name from Tara, the god of the Illyrian tribe Autariat who inhabited this area in ancient times. Because of its beauty, Tar chose this very mountain to build his divine throne on. 

If you look up its photos on the Internet, you’ll be amazed too by the beauty and diversity of its landscapes. It is full of canyons, hiking paths, cliffs, dense forests, vast meadows, lush pastures, lakes, and peaks. 

Aside from the beauty of nature, the park also has tourist attractions to discover: Zlatibor, railway museum "Šarganska osmica", the ethno village Mećavnik (Drvengrad) and the Kremna, famous for the prophecies of the villager Miloš Tarabić

Tara offers many activities for anyone: skiing, rafting, cycling, and places to relax and just enjoy the views. Tourists love this place, as well as proud natives.

We’ve decided to depict this beauty having created designs for such a wonderful place. 

We tried to show not only the beauty of the park, but also add Serbian flavor in Cyrillic script and decorative ornaments.

We emphasized the biodiversity of the place: its mountains, lakes, trees, and flowers. Tara has 1,200 plant species, of which 84 are Balkans endemites, and 600 species of fungi. It will be a mistake not to mention the Serbian spruce which managed to survive the last ice age.

Apart from stunning fauna, Tara Park serves as a wildlife reserve: it is inhabited by 53 mammalian species, including the protected brown bear and otter, as well as chamois, roe deer, lynx, wolf, jackal, wild boar, European pine marten, and European wildcat. So, animals of Tara play an important part in the illustrative materials.

Our main goal was to create an eye-catching design to attract tourists or natives to come and see this park. So, all these images can be easily placed on T-shirts, mugs, shoppers, postcards. It’s always great to take something with you from the trip, especially when it’s the trip to such places like Tara

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