The stories of our graphic families are not usually steady and unchanging. Generally, we think over the style and themes and then we are involved in it until it is complete. But it also can be in a different way. 

‘Human’ back to 2019 was a small series of illustrations with characters. Mostly they were illustrations showing lifestyles, people, and their everyday lives.



It was not that soon that we came upon the idea to expand this collection. A couple of years after the first illustrations had been published, we saw its potential in social themes and reflecting the modern times. 

Thus, we enlarged the family having created illustrations dedicated to social issues and mental health. We wanted to express main psychological problems that adults and teenagers may face like job burnout, stress, insecurity. We also included illustrations showing the process of group therapy: people sitting in a round and discussing their problems.



Another big theme of the bundle is bullying at school. There are the scenes with girls and boys that suffer from mockery and rejection among peers. Some illustrations show that even in the Internet era a person can be lonely - and they need psychological support and empathy.



Another topic we aroused in this family is the pandemic time. We created various scenes with people undergoing vaccination, consulting with doctors, and even graduating from school online. 



With all this focus on social issues, we didn’t avoid the initial theme. We continued drawing scenes depicting people’s domestic lives, romantic dates, and traditions. 



And then we gathered all of them in one bundle called “Family values”.



The characters of the family appeared to be vivid and vigorous. 



This inspired us to make the collection about the beauty of the youth and memorable studentship. 



Thus, the “Campus life” bundle was created including compositions with teenagers reading books, getting bored at the lessons, celebrating holidays with schoolmates. It has this cheerful mood of togetherness and collaboration.  



As you can see, this quite a minimalistic style can express more than basic business situations, and it can be a tool to speak about important things, express feelings and emotions, and capture memories and moods. 


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